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Baptism Records Mixed

Access to birth records in South Africa is very different to other countries. There is no official online archive except a growing database on Ancestry24. The following databases are available on Ancestry24 for searching birth records specifically as well as births within baptism records:

When did Civil Registration begin for birth records in South Africa?

Birth certificates were introduced officially in the late 1800?s and was not compulsory until 1905: Cape: 1895 Natal: 1868 Transvaal: 1901 Orange Free State: 1903 Not everybody registered their child in the first month of birth. Some did it years later when they had more than one child to register. Additionally, not all our ancestors were law-abiding citizens and did not always conform. So do not expect to find a registration of birth for every person. For information dating back earlier, you have to consult baptism records, death notices or burial records. Birth dates were not included into baptism registers until around 1800 and in most instances it will say “date of birth unknown”. While the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria is the official custodian of birth records, the general public may view these in the various provincial archival repositories. Access to the birth registers is closed for a period of 100 years to protect individuals.

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