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Thaba Nachu Wesleyan Baptisms

In 1833 a Barolong tribe settled near the mountain of Thaba Nchu and in 1836 their chief, Moroka, assisted the Voortrekkers when their cattle were driven off by the Matabele, after the Battle of Vechtkop. After Moroka’s death his successors quarreled and in 1884 the district of Moroka, as it was then called, was annexed. to the Orange Free State. In 1893 a town was established.

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Originally the district of Moroka, it was de-proclaimed in 1895, when it became a ward of the Bloemfontein district. Later reinstated as the district of Thaba Nchu, it bordered on the districts of Bloemfontein in the west, Brandfort and Winburg in the north, Winburg and Ladybrand in the east, Wepener and Dewetsdorp in the south. In the west and south the border was formed by the Modder River and in the south-east by the Leeu River.
In 1972 parts of the original Thaba Nchu district were incorporated in the adjoining districts of Bloemfontein, Dewetsdorp, Ladybrand and Brandfort. The Excelsior area of the Winburg district was combined with the eastern part of the former Thaba Nchu district to form the Excelsior district. These changes were brought about by the establishment of a homeland for the South Sotho people. The Bantu area was proclaimed a district with the name of Thaba Nchu. and Selosheshe as its principal town. In September 1973 the Moroka Hospital with 336 beds was opened.
Old Voortrekker routes and the grave of Moroka have been marked with bronze plaques by the Historical Monuments Commission. Besides Thaba Nchu.

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  1. GerritMuller December 29, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    The homeland had been for Tswana people – Barolong tribe

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